Universal Hitch Skid Slider Plate Multi-Tool

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Having departure angle issues or need a mount for a CB antenna, high lift jack or dune/sand flag. We are now a distributor of Skid Mark 4x4 products. This awesome skid plate Mult-Tool is designed to fit almost all 4wd vehicles with a 2in receiver hitch. Designed to prevent damage to your hitch, bumper and rear low hanging parts (Every Inch Counts). Imagine sliding down that obstacle instead of dropping the anchor. 


 Please Note: Hitch Skid does not include a standard 5/8 hitch pin which is required for installation. Make sure you add one to your cart or have one laying around. 


Multi-Tool Features -


- Skid Plate

 - Extremely Strong 1/4" Thick Steel (17LB of steel) 

 - Hi-Lift or Farm Jack Mounting Holes

 - Recover Point

 - Step For Your Roof Rack or bed 

 -Dual Bottle Openers

 - CB or HAM Antenna Mounting Holes

 - CB Antenna Mounting Kit (Optional)

 - Wheel Chock

 - Back-Up Trail Camera (Optional)

 - Trail Flag Mounting Holes

 - 1-1/4" Accessories Receiver

 - Bike Rack (Optional)

 - Fishing Pole Holder

 - Adjustable Depth Setting

 - Powder Coated Red / Black

 - Anti-Slip Tape

 - Instructions






Our skid plate will NOT fit on vehicles that have trim, brackets, electrical sockets or safety chain rings hanging more than one inch below the bottom of the skid plate hitch.


The skid plate is also 12 inches wide, so measure out 6 inches of space from the center of your receiver to both sides to verify fit.


Verified Fit

 2015-2019 Colorado / Canyon WT LT Z71 ZR2 Bison Trailrunner (With Factory 2in Hitch Receiver) 

 2010-2018 Chevolet GMC 1500 Silverado Sierra (With factory 2in Hitch Receiver)  

 2020 Jeep Gladiator Truck (With Factory 2in Hitch Receiver)

 2012-2019 Toyota Tacoma (With Factory 2in Hitch Receiver)

 2014-2019 Toyota Tundra (With Factory 2in Hitch Receiver

 2012-2013 Toyota Tundra (With Factory 2in Hitch Receiver / With Horizontal mounted trailer connector)

 2009-2019 Ford F-150 and f-150 Raptor (With Factory 2in Hitch Receiver)