Common Questions

Q: Do you use an OEM switch?

A: Yes. The switch used is OEM, but is modified to protect the BCM. Wires are added to the circuit to communicate with our module.


Q: What color is the switch at night?

A: The Item description will indicate the color. 


Q: Why is the relay required for each channel?

A: Each kit can handle no more than 2AMPS at 11V-15V. This will only run one or two relays. Lights connected directly to the unit can blow the fuses and damage the module.


Q: Is this unit safe to install?

A: If installed per the instructions, all kits will have 4 safety devices in place to prevent damage to the vehicle. 1- The original circuit that is tapped 5-20AMP fuse. 2- The 2AMP fuse added to the tap. 3- The 2AMP glass fuse built into the harness. 4- The module itself is protected internally and will disconnect if shorted. The OEM switch has also been modified in a way that isolates the BCM from our harness. If a problem was to happen (DUE TO INSTALLATION ERROR OR OVERLOADING), there is no direct path to damage it. 


Q: Will this product void my warranty?

A: Technically by law every manufacture must be able to prove that an aftermarket part without a doubt has caused a part to fail. But in the real world, GM can find any way not to pay warranty claims. A little searching online will show that GM has voided claims for something as simple as different size tires, bumpers on the front or rear, or even just adding wires to the battery. The answer is yes, this can void a warranty claim if GM can point the finger at it. The advantage that our product has over others is it looks factory, even the shielding on the harness blends in with the OEM harness. It's very unlikely that a dealer would even know it's there and 10% of our kits sold will find there way to a GM dealership as this is cheaper and faster install than going the OEM route.          


Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes. We have flat rate shipping to Canada. Add the item to your cart and input your country.


Q: How will my order ship?

A: All Off Highway Equipment Aux Kits will ship USPS. Vision X and CBI will ship with UPS FedEX or USPS depending on weight. 


Q: Do you sponsor?

A: We do sponsor with discounts and possibly even free products. You must prove that you are able to reach our customer base.